Welcome to the world of Squashed Possums

New Zealand lone caravan reveals all in debut travel book - a tale of possums, Maori chefs and the wilderness

Squashed Possums is the story of the iconic New Zealand lone caravan and one young man's misadventures in New Zealand's most remote corner.

Find out what it's like to live in a true wilderness, with nothing but the four tin walls of a solitary caravan for company and shelter. In an unexpected twist to the travel memoir, the story is narrated by the caravan itself.

With it's own sideways perspective, find out how the caravan discovers it's the latest in a long tradition of pioneers who endured alone. Discover how isolation came to define the country's animals as well as it's people, from the evolution of the elusive kiwi bird to the invention of the jet boat.

A man and his caravan may sound the definitive odd couple, but who better to narrate the story of isolated New Zealand than the lone Kiwi caravan in the wilderness?

Get your copy of Squashed Possums now or you can download the first 2 chapters for free.

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