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Not on most people's 'must do list', but Syria is a world apart from our own, full of bad government and wonderful people. I accompany a close friend as he plays the dating game, Syrian style.

Big Gay Aleppo
Why Aleppo market traders pretend to be gay and American CIA students say they’re from Canada.
Dating, arranged marriages and finding a wife in Syria
How to date and find a wife in Syria.
Grenades and conspiracies in the National Museum of Syria
Treasure amongst the rubble and ruins of Syria’s National Museum.
Hama: Viagra and the Brotherhood of Islam
“In the west, first you sleep with a woman, live with her, then you get married, bored and split up. It is all wrong…”
Hama - Materialism, mopeds and Deborah Harry
A friendly welcome to Hama and a lesson in Islamic relations.
Syria - The hairy man and the hammam - a Turkish bath experience
Being scrubbed and loafa’d in a traditional Arabic bath.
Driving and the highway code in Syria
The Syrian guide to roads, cars and driving.
Maaloula - the language of Jesus Christ
Aramaic, donkeys and sandstone walls – it’s like the last two thousand years never happened.
Palmyra - trouble near the Iraqi border
Trouble near the Iraqi border…
Motorbikes and dating in Damascus, Syria
Arabic Top Gun, The Islamic Republic of the United States and a tempting offer…
Umayyad mosque and shoe bakshish
Shoe bakshish and John the Baptist camping in the Damascus mosque.
Wedding in the Axis of Evil (Damascus, Syria)
The big day – Greek Orthodox meets Las Vegas

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